Yellow Points Explanation 12-13-2023

The calculation provided here combines the values derived from watch time and donation elixir to determine an overall points total. Considering a watch time of 7000 units with a 95% factor divided by 10 results in 665 points, while a donation elixir amount of 50000 units at a 5% factor divided by 10 yields 250 points. When adding these individual point values together, the total points amassed from both watch time and donation elixir stand at 915 points.

Calculation : Points from watch time = (7000 x 95%) / 10 = 665 points
Points from donation elixir = (50000 x 5%) / 10 = 250 points
Total points = 665 points (from watch time) + 250 points (from donation elixir) = 915 points

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